The apology from the mean big sister.

Once upon a time not so long ago, i was a bad sister. I still am a bad sister. Yeah, sisters bully each other and stuff, but sisters should never go too far until they make their sister upset and feeling neglected and insecure. I'm a bad sister. One day i wasn't in a good mood and the victim just had to be my little sister. I'm the type of person that just lets out whatever insults she has in her head when i get pissed off. Believe it or not, i'm mean. And i know that the person who knows that very well is my sister. We always have arguments and stuff, and now i realize that it's my fault because i never shut up at the right time. As a big sister, that's what i'm supposed to do. And as a human being, i have no right to say that you are not beautiful. No right at all. In fact, i was lying when those cold words came out of my mouth. There, i committed a sin in lying. Second, i committed a sin in hurting you. Now since you're hurt, i'm hurt too.

I'm sorry Shahirah. I'm sorry i'm not the good big sister you want me to be. I know you probably wish some other girls to be your big sister instead, and i totally understand that. I wouldn't want myself as a big sister either. I'm sorry i said that you're not beautiful. Who am i to say that? In fact, who is ANYONE to say that? By saying that, i just insulted Allah SWT for his beautiful creations. Astaghfirullah. I'm sorry. I really, really am. Because you ARE beautiful. Even more beautiful than me, just ask anyone. I'm sorry i hurt your feelings until you don't even want to look at me anymore. I wasn't aware that what i was saying was hurtful, and i'm sorry. I am a very forgetful human being. I make many mistakes that i am not proud of, this being one of them. Out of billions of girls, i wouldn't want anyone else to be my little sister, because you're the only one who could ever be the best little sister in the world. And you ARE beautiful. If you're not, then nothing is. So don't you ever believe anyone, not even me, when they tell you that you are not beautiful.

You're already beautiful physically, and with your kind heart and personality, that's already beyond beautiful, Adik. Other than Ma, i know that i'm the only girl in the world who knows you best since i've lived with you for 13 years, so yeah, i know and believe that you ARE beautiful.
Nobody's perfect, yeah. But everybody is beautiful. And you're one of the most beautiful human beings i have ever met.

Maybe i've been known to exaggerate stuff, but there's always truth behind everything that i say.
So Shahirah,
I'm truly sorry.

And yes i'm saying this for everyone to see,
I love you.

How can you say THAT is not beautiful?


  1. I know how you feel. I feel absolutely terrible for being mean to my little sister. It's strange that the people you hurt the most are the ones you really love. And your sister is beautiful :)



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