Bye-bye 2011

Since it's not the end of 2011 yet, that's why "2011" is only half taken xD
Another year, *nearly* gone.
I'm quite sad to say goodbye to 2011. It's the best year of my life so far. I'm pretty sure this was the year i discovered more about myself. Mind you, i've been trying to discover myself for AGES. I guess 2011 was my lucky year. I met so many new and awesome people, created new bonds and friendships, made my friendship with PinNK stronger, found love, made a few new best friends, became more secured and confident about myself, gotten back up from depression, became closer to Allah SWT and more stuff.

Alhamdulillah. It was a pretty extraordinary year that i'm very happy with. Everyone usually goes "this year sucked, hope next year's better" and stuff, but no. I'm saying "This year was AMAZING. I can't imagine how next year can get any better, but i hope it does". Of course, like every year, there were the ups and the down moments. That's nearly impossible to escape from. But the down moments were what led me to have such wonderful memories. When i fell, i learnt to get back up. Not just on my own, but with the help and support from everyone around me, especially my friends, family and teachers. I realized how important they are in my life, therefore i love them very much. You all know who you are =)

To be completely honest, before this i didn't REALLY believe in the saying " Everything happens for a reason". I mean, i could never really figure out what the 'reason' for everything is. But now i realized that it's the most logical thing ever. Everything i do and every decision i make will effect something that happens after that. Therefore the decision would be the reason for the effect happening in the first place. Or in other words, the future is there because of the past. Haha nevermind, it's hard to explain. Oh, i don't think i've improved on explaining stuff this year. Oh well, there's always next year.

Of course, usually at the start of the year we have new goals to achieve. I haven't achieved all of mine, but i'm proud to have achieved most of them. Next week will be a new year for all of us, and i know it's going to be quite different compared to this year. I realized that life gets more challenging the older we get. That just means that we get stronger and stronger every year, because Allah only gives us challenges that He knows we can cope with. Alhamdulillah.

Bye-bye 2011. Thank you for being amazing.
Hello 2012, please be FASCINATINGLY AWESOME.


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