PMR Results

I didn't get what i was hoping for, but i'm very thankful anyway =)
So everyone, please don't be too disappointed. I'm just chillin' about it ;D

Math- A
Science- A
English- A
Sejarah- A
Geografi- A
Bahasa Melayu- B
Pendidikan Islam- B

All in all, 6 A's and 2 B's. Alhamdulillah.

Though i don't know HOW i got B in Pendidikan Islam. Kinda ashamed, but maybe my answers weren't good enough. Oh well. I tried my best =)
Congratulations to everyone! Remember, it's not the end of the world.
We'll sweep all the A's for SPM, insyaAllah =D
And THANK YOU SO MUCH to EVERYONE who has supported and given me encouragement. Honestly, without it all, i wouldn't have gotten those many A's =')
May Allah bless you all.
And to the future PMR batch, GOOD LUCK!!BEAT ME xD

Me and Iman =) I guess we won't go to MRSM together, she got better results than me xD

Putri should've been here, then the pic would've been sexy ='(

Like mother, like daughter, so cute xD
Here's a video about Form 3 Al-Farabi, and our year together.
The song is sung by Nisa Fareeha, and the video was put together by me =)


  1. Alhamdulillah :)

    Eh tapi kejapppppp!!!
    How come bm dgn agama b?
    Berangan time jwb eh? :p
    Hehe just kidding.
    All the best, lil sister!

  2. Hahahahah thanks!=D
    lol yep, mase PI ingatkan dah boleh A dah, tapi mmg some questions x tahu dah nk jawab ape xD
    tapi bm mmg susah giler.
    thanks love!=')

  3. Hohohohooo,
    Next year jgn main-main dgn bm and agama ye. Bm spm lg susah dr pmr! Haaaaa. Agama kena ikut format, hafal fakta, settled! Hehehehe

  4. alhamdulillah. congratz sister!
    insyaAllah, u can do better after this.
    find your best form of study, and manipulate it to the best! hee



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