Holiday "overseas"

Holidays, holidays, holidays.
For my family, it usually means vacation time! This time we decided to become more adventurous and so we visited out relatives in Miri, Sarawak. We went jalan2 around Brunei too(YEP,I WENT OVERSEAS!HAHAHAHA). The best part?Went to Mulu, Sarawak! It's the best forest reserve in Malaysia, i even got to 'mandi hujan' there! So beautiful. No acid rain. Just fresh, cold, heavy sprinkles of water. The beauty of the forest is just too amazing to describe. And the caves?FASCINATING. I just learnt that for ONE centimeter to form, it takes a CENTURY. God is the MOST amazing. Alhamdulillah, such a wonderful experience. You can relive my holiday through these pictures i took =)

Over 40 kampung ON water in Brunei =)

Tell me your imagination sees a sinking ship =)



Yep. That's a petrol station on water, peeps.

We went in one of these!

My dad said he saw this mosaic artwork in 1992. I got to see it 19 years later =)

Such a beautiful mosque in Brunei.

It's like a palace!=')

The best one i saw =) THAT'S GOLD.

On the way to Mulu, Sarawak. Beautiful.

Whoo, we're here! That's my eldest cousin by the way. Go Malaysia!haha

A caterpillar, chillin' like a boss.

Who's face do you see?;)

The Garden of Eden.

Pretty gross looking, but awesome =)

Tell me you see a face?=)


  1. I love your pictures!!!

  2. lucky getting to go so many places!! =)

  3. atiqah: thanks!=D

    muhammad: yep, alhamdulillah =') i hope u'll be lucky too =)



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