Our two feet.

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It's funny. Have we ever appreciated our feet? Have we ever thanked Allah for having two perfect feet, being able to walk, run, kick,jump,skip,dance,hop,slide,get a pedicure and wear pretty shoes?Have we ever imagined our lives without having both of our feet? Ever since we were little, we've learnt how to use these two amazing parts of our body and now we're the master of using these two things. And have we ever been grateful to our Creator for letting our legs function perfectly, letting it go wherever we tell it to? Well maybe you have =)
I'm not proud to say that i never truly appreciated my two feet before. But suddenly now, i realize that without my two feet, i wouldn't be able to see the world the same way i do now. I've been able to sprint my way through races and win, play many sports, go jungle trekking, climb stairs, go shopping, dance in my room, go to camping trips, ride bikes, learn martial arts, buy those amazing lilac Converse shoes, get a foot massage, pray properly and a million other things. And i truly am thankful that my two feet have helped me do all that. I hope that i will continue appreciating my two feet and make good use of them in the future. For example, go to beneficial places and help other people, insyaAllah.
I really hope we can all appreciate our two feet too. Even though it's something very, very simple, but try and imagine our life without it and imagine all of the things we CAN'T do without it. We're extremely lucky that Allah made us have perfect body structures, no matter if we're not skinny or fit or tall or 'beautiful' like we want it to be. That's what He chose to give us, so Alhamdulillah =)

Some people are not as lucky as we are. But that's probably the challenge from Allah for them. They might even have some things that we don't have. I heard a story from my dad, he told me there was a man, in his 20's who didn't have feet(or legs, i can't remember). He travels around on a skateboard, using his hands and arms to pull himself from one place to another. One day, he wanted to go for Friday prayer at a mosque in KL. There was a HUGE flight of stairs at the mosque. He couldn't climb it, it was nearly impossible. Alhamdulillah, his friend was there and helped carry him up the stairs. In the end, he still managed to worship Allah and probably thank Him for still being alive.
While this man who isn't as complete as we are is STILL determined  to worship Allah and be thankful, i believe we should be doing even more. This man probably has stronger faith than we do. I'm very inspired by this story.

So we shouldn't only be grateful for having our two feet, but we should be thankful for even being alive and able to walk on this planet. Every step that we take is a gift. If we take the step in the right direction, insyaAllah we'll be even closer to heaven, even closer to Allah. But if we take the step in the wrong direction, yeah you know where it's closer to. I'm always praying we're all going in the right direction.
May Allah bless us all.


  1. Allahuakbar! Jazakallahukhairan :)



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