Opinion #1: Salah ke jikalau kita gedik?

"Fatin: Kakak Kamalia. Maaf mengganggu. Saya mahu minta pendapat Kakak Kamalia. Salah ke jikalau kita gedik?"

 I hope everyone else can accept my opinions too =) By the way i'm not talking about any specific person, this is just general.

Well, i've never really known the real definition of  'gedik'. But from what i understand, society's definition of it is usually when a girl(or guy) behaves in a way that seems like they're trying to attract attention in "annoying" ways. Like for example in the way they talk, laugh, act, posing when taking pictures, the way they dress, their facial expressions, the way they socialize with the opposite gender and yeah, stuff like that. But the question today is, is it wrong to do those things?

My answer is no, it's not wrong. I mean, just because people don't like it and it's annoying does NOT mean that it is wrong. And plus, different people are born with different ways of thinking. So that means that everyone has different opinions. So maybe some people might think someone is being 'gedik' but other people may think they're  not. Not everyone will necessarily have the same judgement. So yeah, that's why it's kinda hard to live with our society today, cause everyone will have their own opinions. That's why we all just need to accept others' criticisms and opinions.

BUT then again, there's always a reason why people don't like it. In this case, why don't people like to see other people being 'gedik'? Haha yeah, cause it's annoying. There's no need to go overboard to attract attention until you're not being yourself anymore. Once upon a time, i believe no one was gedik. Babies are annoying, yeah, but they adapt to their environment. So if i were 'gedik', it'd be because i was influenced by the people or stuff around me. Or i'm trying to attract someone's attention cause nothing else seems to be working. I wasn't born with it =)

So yeah, this is my advice for girls(i don't really know how to advice guys, sorry).
Just be yourself. If people don't give you enough attention, then don't go too far to grab their attention. Because when they give you bad judgements, it'll make you feel even worse. Everything has limitations, even in Islam. Follow it. You follow it, and i guarantee you that no one will have any reason to call you 'gedik'.
 Like our voices(for women) are aurat, so it's better if we control the volume of our  laughter,especially when we're around guys. We have certain ways of dressing too, where we cover our beautiful body appropriately until men can't see our skin and body shape. Oh, and i just wanna remind the world that your arm and wrists are aurat too =) You can wear pretty stuff, just don't overdress or underdress, cause simplicity is beautiful too. When you pose for pictures, don't pose it in 'seductive' poses that could attract men's eyes attention, because i know that you're freaking beautiful already. And when you socialize with guys, make sure you have an appropriate distance with them. Of course, no touching, sitting too close, being alone with them and yeah, i'm sure you all know.
So yeah, don't be afraid to just be yourself. If you're being yourself and people think it's 'gedik', then just ignore them. As long as you're not overstepping the limits in Islam, then you shouldn't care. Always remember that Islam wants to protect you =) Allah wants to protect you.

Everything's just in your mind. I admit, i've been paranoid too, i always used to worry what people would think of me. Then i realized that if i'm not doing anything wrong, then i shouldn't let anyone bring me down. If people can't accept me for who i am, then how can they accept me for who i'm not? So just be yourself, it's the best that you can be =) And it's never wrong to improve yourself to become a better person too. Always know your intentions, and do everything because of Allah SWT.
Hope this helps,
Peace be upon you.

P.s. Thank you to a beautiful junior of mine, Fatin, for voicing out your curiosity. May Allah Bless you, and i hope i've helped =)
Oh, and i'm sorry if anyone is offended. That was never my intention, i just wanted to give my opinion =)

If anyone else wants my opinion with anything, feel free to ask =) I'm bored xD


  1. Wah! You're right. Being gedik isn't wrong. Its your heart and kindness that matter.



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