Growing Up

Once upon a time, i played with Barbie dolls and Polly Pocket. Once upon a time, i used to watch Cartoon Network 24/7. Once upon a time, i wished life would speed up because i wanted to grow up as soon as possible.
I can go through thousands of Once Upon A Time's  that i've been through, meaning there are so many things i used to do in the past, but because i'm 'growing up', i haven't really brought those things in my present. I guess that's a part of life, huh? Growing up.
What does that even mean? Getting taller? Being more 'matured'? Being wiser? Meh.
All i know is that next year, lots of things are going to change again. I'm the type of person who doesn't like huge changes in my life, like changing schools and stuff.

Tomorrow, i'll be getting my PMR results. Am i nervous? Heck yeah. My results could determine my future. If i got straight A's, then i have a huge chance in getting into MRSM. Life in MRSM could be totally different from what i'm used to. I admit, i'm very 'manja'. It could get some time to get used to. But at the same time, i know it will bring lots of excitement and great memories into my life. I guess i'd be happy there, hopefully. If i got less than 8 A's, chances are i'm staying at Sri Ayesha. I honestly don't mind at all, cause i love that school. So many amazing memories. So many achievements. So many awesome people i don't wanna leave yet. Then there's debate, i definitely DON'T wanna stop trying to be better. I know Sri Ayesha can give me a lot, especially happiness and it will always remind me of Allah SWT. I had a great three years there, and another two years would be just  amazing.

So i guess i don't really mind if i get straight A's or not, because wherever i get to go, i know i'll have a great time. But everything will be different, even if i stayed at Sri Ayesha. The subjects will all be different, and i'm hoping i can take science stream. They say Form 4's not the time to play around anymore, so i'm gonna have to get used to the busy life. Especially if i stay, since i'll have to work hard to get wonderful SPM results to get a scholarship. After that, who knows where i'll fly off to? Two more years and i'm outta school. Time flies so fast. 

I remember being that Year 1 kid who bullied her classmates when they didn't follow her. I was the 'penolong ketua kelas', the kid who writes the names of other kids who talked in class. I remember winning storytelling competitions, 100m races, chess contests, choir competitions. I spelt "school" wrong in Bahasa Inggeris which made me get 99% in exams. I used to get top 3 in class without even studying. I used to be hyper in class and chase the boys around, which made the teacher write my name in the record book(for naughty kids). Now, what seems like a week later, i'm about to enter Form 4. Nine years isn't that long, huh? 

Oh well. I've had a wonderful life so far, and i know it's only going to get better.
I discovered myself this year, and i can't wait to see what else i'll find out in the years to come.
To all those PMR candidates,

All the best. =)

P.s. Thank you very much to Nesayang for telling me about the wearing ring thingy xD


  1. Assalammualaikum sister!
    Good luck fr yr result and as for my concern, being a muslim, awak tk leh pakai cincin selain dr jari manis dan kelingking(jari last) lah my dear :)
    Take care!

  2. Waalaikumsalam =D
    Whoa,, really!?!?i never knew that!!
    i don't really see a reasonable reason why, so i'm gonna do and research about that =)
    but THANK YOU so much for telling me!! i really appreciate it =)
    and if you have anymore information about it, do let me know =)

  3. Ah dont mention it, sweetie!
    Thank God I realized it tauuu :)
    Read this, .

    I once made this mistake, a friend of mine tegur, so i was curious, but i couldnt find ways to seek the common sense towards what he tegur-ed me, takdir Tuhan, i read a lot of stuffs a few weeks later, and found sunnah Rasullah tu, alhamdulillah :) what matters is how we apply it and spread it decently fr the sake of Allah :) i just hope it benefits you, my sister of Islam! Sapa lg nk tolong kita kalau bukan saudara kita sendiri kan? ;) take care!

  4. Salam ,

    Good luck for tmrrw :)
    Hope you'll get an excellent result
    Which MRSM do you applied ?

  5. Nesayang: It really did benefit me, a lot. and many other people too, once i questioned it on twitter xD
    so thanks so much, sister! may Allah bless you!=')

  6. Athirah:
    wsslm, thanks!!=D
    i applied for MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba.
    Tough school to get in, i know xD
    but still, thank you!=D

  7. Wa iyakum :)
    Kenapa tak mohon TKC?



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