I Just Wanna Be With You.

These past 2 days were brilliant.
I spent a lot of my time at school with PinNK.
Yesterday, we went out for P.E. and it was SO FUNN! I haven't played TAG for nearly 2 years!
Lol, we kept tricking each other about who's in and stuff, it was hilarious. And we also ran around the playground and spun around like crazy people.
Its not crazy actually, its people having fun with the people they wanna be with =)

Today during English class we sang pretty much all of the High School Musical songs that ever existed! It was really nice, because everyone knew the lyrics and stuff. OMG, the song "I Just Wanna Be With You" made me wanna cry! To me, its like Form 3/PinNK's song for the end of the year, when we're not going to be together anymore.

This year may be the last for us to be together, so i'll try and cherish all the memories we have together. Meeting Putri, Iman, Nabiha and Nisa will never be something i regret. NEVER. They make me happy, therefore i love them <3

Oh yeah! I love MashesZ too, she wrote a song, and i think its really nice =) She's the best twin ever, and i wanna make this year the best for her as well. One thing we'll be doing next year: WATCH THE HUNGER GAMES TOGETHER! We both love Peeta Mellark =)


  1. Take care, sis Malie.
    Do all you can to make your days satisfying not only to you, but to others and most importantly, to Allah.
    I'll always pray that you all would be the best.



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2017 Reading Challenge
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