LOL, i just put some songs on my blog, and they're on AUTOMATICALLY.
My apologies if you suddenly had a heart attack because of the volume. I don't know how to fix it xD
So yeah. They're kinda my favourite songs rite now.

1. There's a Place For Us-Carrie Underwood
This is the theme song for Narnia 3, and i LOVE it! Idk, i find it really nice and inspiring :) Thanks Fareeha xD. Oh, and i <3 Narnia! And Edmund Pevensie xD

2. Courage- Orianthi
Very inspiring song. Thanks Tumblr xD

3. Waiting Outside The Lines- Greyson Chance
Now THIS is a talented singer. He's 14, i think? Better than Justin, for sure. :)

4. Innocence- Avril Lavigne
This song makes me feel so appreciative of life, for some reason. Love it :)

This is supposed to be a gif
As you can see, my 'style' of songs are the slow, meaningful ones. Got any suggestions for nice ones? LET ME KNOW PLEASE!:D



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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