My childhood overseas =D

 I just found these pictures, so i thought i'd post something about them =D


Floriade, Canberra. 2006.
Every spring people can visit Floriade where they have beautiful flowers everywhere. The place is so nice :)
My house, Canberra. 2005.
LOL, we look so young, rite? This was my first year in Australia, and my relatives came to visit us at the end of the year, that's why Nazreen is in the pic too :) I think Shahirah and Hariz look so adorable in this! I just look plain ugly = =
We went travelling to Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania, Sydney and Brisbane. It was AMAZING!


Paris, France
DISNEYLAND, PARIS DUDE! Awesomest theme park ever! I remember being scared of this fat dude in the costume,and i cried LOL.
Wales, UK

London, UK
London's Eye! Best giler! This was when my relatives visited us. Then we went to France and travelled to lots of places. xD
The back of my house, UK
I was always too scared to go into that old store place at the back. but OMG, the snow was unbelievable cold. But it was fun, i love the snow =D
Somewhere in France xD

My friends in pre-school
I started going to school when i was 3 years old. This was my 4th/5th birthday, i think. That's why i'm wearing a hat and a dress xD. I can't really remember my friends, but i'm sure they were good kids :)

I had tons of fun living overseas. I'll cherish every experience and memory(if i can still remember them).



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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