Liverpool won 3-0 against Wolves

I am SO HAPPY. Liverpool won just now against Wolverhampton !
Its been a while since they had an awesome victory, and it feels great that they're making our support for them all this time worth it.

FERNANDO TORRES SCORED TWICE. I feel like slapping those who doubted him before =) I always believed in him, and see? He CAN do it. So proud.
RAUL MEIRELES scored ONE AMAZING goal! Lot of people are saying it was just by luck, but oh well, who cared? The ball went in! It was a great one too!

The defenders did a stunning job too! I always went "AWWWW" every time i see Daniel Agger and Martin Kelly. They did their job so well and plus, they're hot =)

Heroes for this match =)
Other players did awesome too, there were like 20 passes until Fernando finally got that last goal in during the 90th minute xD. Wish Stevie and Carra got to join in =) Its okay, Gerrard can play in the next one, rite? YAY!

You'll NEVER Walk Alone =)



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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