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Hazwani & Kamalia
My cousin was the one who introduced Hana Tajima's style to me. Originally, she doesn't even wear tudung. But she said that looking at Hana's beautiful style and fashion is encouraging her to wear hijab. She said maybe she won't wear it yet because she's not ready, so she's most likely going to start next year.
I am so proud of her! She's a year younger than me, and i think she'll be making a wise decision. And she looks pretty in hijab =)

Hahaha, we got bored with trying them on, and knowing a self-obsessed person like me, we decided to take advantage of the Nikon that was right in front of us xD

I think you can kinda tell that we're related, can you see the resemblance? Lol


  1. Hello :)
    I like your blog. I was surprised that you ALSO had deactivated your Facebook and decided to blog insted. I did the same :)
    ut I hope it's fine to become a follower :) You are welcome to stop by my blog too and become a follower to if yoou want :)

    Your sister in Islam
    - MissH

  2. Heyy! Yep, I deactivated in August last year, and i'll never regret doing that =)
    Sure, i love followers! =D
    from what i see from your profile, we've got quite a lot in common! =D
    Thanks for dropping by, i'll definitely follow u =)




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2017 Reading Challenge
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