Well actually, i kinda have a LONG list of wishes, but tonight, i only want 3 things.

1. Fernando Torres to stay at Liverpool. NEVER move to Chelsea. He's too hot to be in Blue. =S

2. TO GET ONE OF THESE(The Liverpool one, of course)

NOT Chelsea or Man U, PLEASE.
Freakin awesome. IDC if they don't suit me, i'd still wear them xD
3. FINALLY GET A LIVERPOOL JERSEY. With TORRES 9 on it. For my birthday, at least xD xD
Lots of Torres choices, i see xD I want the black away one or the normal red home one like my number 1 wish.

I'm pretty dreamy and crazy with football and Fernando Torres, i know.
But he's just very inspiring to me, only few really understand.
Yeah, that's all for tonight. Going to Singapore tomorrow!whoo!!



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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