RIP Stevie

Saturday morning.

The first thing i heard when i woke up at 7.30am was that Stevie was dead.
Stevie. One of the three related cats that i saved from abandonment a few months ago.
Now he's joined his brother, Max, who entered heaven a week ago.
Stevie was an amazing cat. He's a ninja. I used to carry him when i wore my black jubah, and he would appear invisible because of his colour. i miss rubbing my face into his soft thick fur. I miss his annoying squeaky meows.
I miss how he used to think he can fight Bubba. And when i'd scold him for attacking innocent Max.
I miss them both. I guess I let them both live a while longer. Otherwise they would've already died a few days later from when we found them.

They were the cutest furry little things. I'll miss them terribly. And i'll always be proud that i saved them.
Now there's only Jerry left. Even though he's my cousin's cat, but i hope he'll live a long, healthy life and he can tell his brothers in heaven about how wonderful and adventurous it was.

Rest in peace, Stevie. I hope i'll see you and Max again someday, perhaps in a much safer place this time :)

The day the brothers arrived(Jerry already went)

I never got to have a picture with Stevie. So this is the only picture of him alone that i have :) And i know Putri loves him too.
P.s. Max and Stevie died because of the virus that was spreading around my street. Max got it first, then Stevie got it before he could get shots from the doctor. Luckily, Bubba got injected before he got it. I guess he's our one and only cat now. :)


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