I'll Never Walk Alone.

Dear everyone who sent me a comment on my chatbox,

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. I truly appreciate every one of them.
By just telling me that things are okay already gives me hope.
I love you all, sorry for suddenly posting something depressing.

I'm feeling much better now, although i'm still a little confused.
I'm very thankful for everything that i have in my life. The support of family, friends, and especially you =)
I know that i'll never walk alone not only coz i support Liverpool xD,
but because i know Allah SWT is ALWAYS there.
And you guys are there too,to  keep supporting me. It means a lot, life seems more meaningful now.
So no, i'll never walk alone.
Thank you. =')

Oh yeah, and thank you so much to Muhammad for your comment on the last post =')

P.s. Sorry i couldn't reply the messages on my chatbox personally, it was a little crowded, that's why i wrote this post, its for you guys =)


  1. very touching indeed.
    we will never escape from those moments when everything seems to turn their back against us.
    and there are also times when you just have to be alone, with Him.
    you are very welcome, Malie. XD



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2017 Reading Challenge
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