Spirit for adventure

I think the bravest camper at English camp was little Nadia. She is the most adventurous 8-year-old girl i've ever met. She pretty much did everything that the older kids did, and she did it all voluntarily.
She was the ONLY participant who went on the flying fox 3 times!!Even Teacher Suhaila took a while to convince to go, and 13 minutes at the top to finally jump(sorry teacher!!xD). The third time was with no hands because she was pretending to be a bird flying in the sky. Adorable.

That night, while many older kids were very frightened to go for a nightwalk in the bush, she couldn't wait to go. I was supposed to take care of her, but then i told her parents i wasn't confident about it. When they told her she couldn't go, i saw her heart break just by seeing her smile start to fade. She started to cry and i felt so evil for not letting someone with full determination go on an adventure. Let alone a child with spirit.
Thank God her dad was very supportive of her determination, so he went along as well so she could go.
She was so happy and proud afterwards =')

(i'll post a pic of her when i get one xD)
What i learnt from this is that whenever you see a child dreaming for an adventure, let them have it. Its not every day that they would want to. If they are not exposed to being curious for one at a young age, then its going to be harder for them to be exposed to it when they are older.
If a child wants to do something good and positive, encourage and support them. InsyaAllah if you keep doing that, then they'll have more courage to do it in the future.

Like these days, most Malaysians are very, VERY shy to speak up in public. Its getting pretty ridiculous. But then i realized that its not entirely their fault, because they weren't exposed to it at a young age like some. Of course they can overcome that fear, but they wouldn't even have it in the first place if we had created the opportunity for them to do so at a young age.

If I ever have kids in the future(if God wills it), i wanna make their childhood amazing with different adventures, and teach them to not be afraid and always believe in themselves. =)


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