Time to focus

I have exams next Thursday. MUSLEH debate on the 30th of June which happens to be on my birthday.
We haven't been having proper training, so i'm kinda worried.
I haven't been studying either, since i've got all these folios to finish.

How on Earth am i supposed to balance both of these very important things?
With all of these distractions, its making my life seem very packed and complicated.
But at the same time, why the heck do i feel empty, useless and meaningless?

I hate these kind of feelings. I know its a part of life, but life sucks when these things happen.
But i know these are just challenges from God, so i'm gonna try my best to cope with it.

Pray for me, guys. I really need it.


  1. 2Kamalia:
    Salamalaikum, malie.
    Hey, I'm not gonna tell u not to feel down coz u should feel down at the moment. it cant be helped.
    But, I'm gonna tell u this secret tip which always maks me feel much better when I am down myself.
    1. Always know that Allah is always there.
    2. Whenever u feel like wanting to ask for help or advice or suggestions, or simply wanna have someone to talk to, GO TO ALLAH FIRST.
    3. Then just sit alone for some time (i love sitting by the lake in my campus, hehe) to calm yourself down.
    4. After that, only u go and approach those people u wanna discuss what u feel with.
    BTW, u look really sad in that pic. got my tears falling on the keyboard.

  2. Wsslm, Muhammad.
    Thank you so much =')
    even tho u don't know what i'm going through(its not as bad as it sounds, probably), but i think ur someone who understands =)
    thanks for the advice, its the most un-pressuring i've ever heard from anyone xD.
    May Allah bless you =)

  3. ur welcome.
    Allah gives us a heart each to understand each other.

  4. btw, malie.
    i was a form three student before, so yeah, im well-versed with all the happenings in form three. (except if its about girls stuff) haha



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2017 Reading Challenge
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