As most of you probably know, i went to Sabah for 6 days in the holidays.
To be completely honest,i got bored xD.
For the first time ever, i didn't go dive in the *amazing* swimming pool. It even had a basketball hoop! IN the pool!!But for some reason, i didn't really wanna swim.
My family and i were completely amazed by Mt. Kinabalu. Every time we saw a view of it, it'd take our breath away. My dad plans for us to go climb it next year, InsyaAllah. Gotta prepare 6 months early xD.

The seafood here, OMG. SO FRESH.
The air, WOW, not that polluted.
The sea, pretty awesome.
The stars, *speechless*.
The resort, Ahhhhhhhhh!

I had a fun time. Even though i spent 10% of my time with my phone, ipod, and laptop, but it was really nice to relax for a while.
I did two things that i've always wanted to do. Felt amazing.
Alhamdulillah, i'm very thankful that God let me experience everything.

Its nice to escape from stress for a while =)


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2017 Reading Challenge
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