Yes, this is what we do xD

Just wanted to upload one of our debates.
The image quality sucks though = ' (

Motion: THBT schools should not punish students who insult their teachers online


Oh yeah, also just promoting Syed's blog coz he wants me to xD.
credits to Hafiz for the pic =)


  1. Hey, i couldnt comment on all the posts, so i'm (once again, hehe) posting a comment for all those posts here in one go. lol *lazy...

    1. Nice, you guys were awesome in those speeches! Really proud that you've proven that Islamic students can also debate cool and powerful. =)
    And credits to Syed, i like his blog.

    2. i wanna share a statement here;
    "mistakes are the best teacher."
    even if you did something wrong, then you can improve and be better. But if you're always wrong, how can you tell when you are wrong later?
    Besides, this is a Hadith;
    "Demi Allah yang jiwaku ada dalam genggamanNya. Jika sesuatu kaum itu tiada dosa, maka Allah akan mematikannya. Kemudian Allah akan bangkitkan satu kaum lagi yang melakukan dosa, dan mereka bertaubat kepadaNya." *au kama qaal
    See? It's not about being sin-less. It's about being an imperfect being and always repenting and reflecting and improving.

    3 and below.
    Debate. Yeah, one of the things i'm addicted to. But to make it clear, i'm not addicted to it just because of the sheer excitement and momentum of it. Never about it solely.
    It is because debate has been the medium and the starting place that Allah has put me into to be who i am right now.
    To be thinking things that most people always neglect and look down onto.
    To be speaking only those necessary and not waste my energy and time on not-so-important stuffs.
    Yeah, and my mission to continue in debate is still the same; i want other debaters to achieve what i have from debate and even more.
    The skills and the experience and the mindset, InsyaAllah.

    All the best in your exam. May Allah help you and the others.
    Do your best, coz that's what a Muslim is told to do by Allah.

    Toodles. Bittaufiq wannajah.
    Syed al-Watan (Leader of the Country)
    Muhammad bin Zulkarnain

  2. Muhammad:
    Awwww, thank you Muhammad. For everything. For training us, being a friend, a giving amazing advice, everything. =')



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