The Month of Learning.

Its the last day of July. I think it was by far the best month this year. I created a lot of memories that i know i'll treasure forever. I met and spent time with a lot of wonderful people, those i've known for a long time and those who i've recently gotten to know more about. Its so amazing how in 31 days, i've learnt so much.

First, i've learnt to accept defeat and challenges. I learnt that everything happens for a reason. I learnt how to cope with challenges, and to never give up. And somehow, I did prove to myself that if i don't give up, things will get better. And it did eventually. I learnt that with teamwork, determination, spirit, hard work, faith and trust, you can succeed. Or at least, you can go very, very far towards your goals. I learnt to accept criticism and challenges, and that the way people realise their mistakes is after they have caused it. And that's a good way to learn, so that you don't do it again. I learnt that by forgiving others, and asking for their forgiveness, your heart can suddenly feel so much lighter. I learnt that friendship is something very, very spectacularly wonderful and that its something that should always, always be cherished. I learnt that if you love your friend, truly love them, that you will do whatever you can with the power that you have to make sure that they don't do things that they will regret. I learnt that every moment with them is a gift from Allah, to have such wonderful people being there with you along your journey. It doesn't matter where they are in the world, how far apart you are from them, but they will always, always be there for you.  I learnt that if you tell the person you love how you feel no matter who it is, it could be your mother, your friend or whoever, you can go to sleep soundly at night. At least if you died tomorrow, they know how you feel and you wouldn't regret not telling them about it. I reminded myself that life is temporary, and Earth is our temporary home. We will move on, but before we do there are many things that we need to do first. I learnt that no matter how harsh our parents have ever been on us, no matter how much they seem like they don't care, but that they always, and will always love us in every single living moment of their life ever since the day they found out that you were going to be a part of their future. Every small, tiny thing they've done for us, even if it was just thinking or worrying about us, is proof of their love. Just by us being here right now is the proof, because they've done so much in raising us up to be great, educated people.

Thirty-one days. And so many things. Alhamdulillah.

Dear God, help us strengthen our faith, help us realise our mistakes and guide us back to the path home to Heaven. I miss it so much, i miss our Prophet(pbuh) so much, and please help me stay on that path until the end. Help me guide others onto that path as well, so that we can all go home together. Help us become a wonderful follower to our Prophet(pbuh), a wonderful child to our parents, a wonderful student to our teachers, a wonderful brother/sister to our siblings, a wonderful friend to those who need us and most all, a wonderful, faithful slave to you. Because you are The Loving, The Light, The Guide, The Creator,The Repeatedly Forgiving, The Friend, The Guardian and so much more. To you, and only you do we worship. Amen.

I hope we can learn so much more this Ramadan, insyaAllah.



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
Kamalia has read 15 books toward her goal of 50 books.