IDC2011 at IIUM

From the Championship Dinner all the way to the moment we had to leave, i had the greatest time ever.
There were lots of tears and laughter, but i don't regret a single thing.

Anati(BM debater)  & Raihan( Arabic debater)

Raihan(Arabic) & Aisyah(BM)

Afdhal(BM) (lol random pic)

Iman and I tweeted IIU Debate and it went on the big screen and everyone saw it!!=D

Hahahha, Tweet Birds

SAIS & Arif Hakimi (from SMKA Maahad Hamidiah)

Affan has the coolest T-shirts ever!

Pffftttt, Arif, haha.

They look like they're in Kindy!!

Lol, Fattah, what are you trying to do?xD

Izdihar( from Al-Amin Bangi) and Iman!!


These are just some pics while NOT debating. I'm gonna write a post about debate later.
My camera died on the second day, so i couldn't capture most of our memories together.
But that's okay, because i think i prefer keeping those memories to myself this time. Feels more special.
BTW, the AWESOME MUSLEH teams all broke into the Pre Octos!!(Top 24).

SMI Hidayah, ADNI, Sri Ayesha, SMI Al-Amin Gombak, SMI Al-Amin Bangi, SMKA Maahad Hamidiah, KISAS. SO FREAKING PROUD!!!!!

Just so that i don't have to write about it again,
Sri Ayesha won 5 out of 6 of the preliminary rounds. Made it into the Octo Finals.
Then won the Quarter finals. Our journey ended at Semi Finals, so i'm gonna call ourselves SEMI-CHAMPIONS =D.
I think its our BIGGEST achievement at UIA.
For the past 2 years, we never even made it into the Octos.
Now we're top 4 in Malaysia. WOW.

Thank you for all of your support. =)


  1. yep, gonna get revenge next year xD
    tapi thanks to Hidayah they lost, mwuahahaha xD

    hahaha i know raihan's pretty =)

  2. hee.bila tahu korang kalah dengan SDAR,mesti la nak tolong balas dendam kan untuk korang kan.hee.we are happy family.tahun depan kalau siapasiapa jumpa dulu,kita kalah kan awalawal,dapat jumpa time final nanti.hee.




    hai raihan.(again.haha.)

  3. whoooo, awesome plan!! lol
    but we gotta form strong teams again, fattah, dalila and huzaifah kan dah x de nnti? =S

    haha, raihan's form 4, if u wanna know xD

  4. bergabung.shingg.hehe.alaa.macam la SDAR tu ada lagi team sama.semua team akan alami benda tak payah nak risau sangat.mula kan langkah baru.wawee.

    ohh,kita pun form 4 gak.hai raihan.bhaha.



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