The Dream Team's journey.

Dreamers dream. 
We dream, and achieve.

Our dream was quite simple.
To FINALLY make it into the Octo Finals(Top 24?).
It was a dream-come-true when Sri Ayesha was the 6th team to break.
Amazing =')

Our first round was against MRSM Pasir Salak.
We were Opp, the motion was THBT the death penalty should be abolished.
We won =)

Second round was against SEMASHUR. We've beaten them before at HELP debate.
But it wasn't our luck this time.
THBT in biographical films, character(s) of a certain race should be played by actors of the same race.
We were gov. It was a close one though. 

 Third round was one of my favourites. We versed SMS Seri Puteri. THEY ARE AWESOME!
We were opp, the motion was THBT schools should not punish students who insult their teachers online

Here's one of the world's best trainers =) Thank you Fakhry.

Fourth round was against SM Sains Tun Syed Sheh Shahabudin.
LOL Syed thought it was his school xD.
The motion was THBT the government of Kedah should not interfere with the operation of entertainment outlets during the month of Ramadhan.

We were Gov, and again we won this round. I like our judge =)

Fifth round was the BEST! It was the humour round, and we debated on the motion
But it was awesome!! We went against a HILARIOUS team, MRSM Felda.

The judge said it was a highly entertaining debate. Being someone who has never actually watched Transformers before, i didn't exactly muck up xD. The judge said i did great, so i'm pretty happy we won.
The other motion we could've debated on was THBT Justin Bieber should stop singing.
Wish we could've debated on that one. Oh well, we've won 4 rounds!

The next day, we debated against MRSM Pengkala Hulu for the final preliminary round(silent).
THBT Feminist Movements should support women's rights to wear hijab.
We were gov, and we won.

"...breaking sixth...SRI AYESHA!!!"

That was awesome. Especially when our schoolmates came and visited us and heard that.
We all cheered for all the MUSLEH teams who broke. It was just so...*speechless* =')

For the octos, Sri Ayesha versed MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba. Motion was interesting:
I was very shocked when we won this one. I thought i did lots of things wrong.
We were lucky. LOL and its funny coz MAYBE i might go to that MRSM next year. They're pretty awesome.

The next day was the quarter finals against STAR. Motion:
THBT the legal guardian of mentally handicapped individuals should be liable for the crimes they commit.
We won. Fattah's end speech, " They may be from S-T-A-R, Mr Speaker, but WE are the real stars today".
So our goal was achieved. We made it into the Semi Finals.
Too bad it was against SDAR.

The motion for semi finals was THBT the US should not veto Palestine's inclusion to the UN.

We were opp. I mucked up. I'm sorry guys. Surfi absolutely hated my speech, he made that clear, lol.
But he challenged me to prove to him that i'm worthy of being a semi-finalist. And i accepted his challenge.
One day, when i'm in uni, i will prove it to him.

Credits to Anati's blog

So there it was.
My journey with Fattah, Iman and Syed.
I love you guys =')


  1. kenangan terindah debat dengan fattah.da tiba masa nya.tammat.bye fattah.

    maybe je kan?wuu.



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