The Power of Three

(btw, this post is specially for Iman and Fattah, so you don't have to read it if you don't want to)

Dear Iman and Fattah,

Its kinda funny, coz we've been in the same team in debate since 2009, the year Kak Nafeesa put us in the same team. The same year, we won three rounds at UIA(with Syed's help) and won the championship at Musleh ISDC(with Sakeenah's help). To be honest, i didn't think we were that good.
So then in 2010, we went to UiTM debate with Fakhry, and i remember Fattah and Fakhry pretending to be 15 years old, and i was supposed to be 27 xD. Later, we went to UIA again, but with Fareeha as the 4th speaker this time. I think we won around 4 rounds, and i remember there were lots of drama. Two weeks later, we prepared ourselves for HELP debate with Mash as 4th speaker. It was kinda awesome, coz i realized that our team dynamics was improving during every tournament. We won 2 out of 4 rounds for that.
At the 2nd Musleh ISDC, we won 4 preliminary rounds but made it into the quarter finals. Then we beat ADNI and went into the semi finals against Al-Amin Gombak. And wow, i was surprised we won. For the second time, we went into the finals =') . After we won Musleh the second time, i couldn't deny that we're an awesome team, with Syed's help too =).
This year, it was only the three of us in UiTM National Novice. And WOW, we broke into the Octos! I thought that was quite amazing. Later, Fattah and I went to KDU with Syed while Iman became the adjudicator. It was pretty fun, though it was depressing that we didn't break. In April, it was me, Fattah, Syed and Mash for HELP debate. Again, it was fun. But i realized a certain pattern.
Recently, it was the three of us, the "Dream Team", or "H20" or whatever xD, up for Musleh ISDC, determined to keep our trophy. And guess what? we won ALL the preliminary rounds, and we were the only team to do so.
Wow =')
The quarter finals was disappointing, yes i admit. It was the biggest disappointment we've ever shared in our whole debating career. But now i realize that if we hadn't been in the same team, if we hadn't worked together and weren't determined to not give up, we wouldn't have even gone into the quarter finals.
what was the pattern?

All three of us in a team = more achievements.

There's no other explanation.
So yeah, you guys are the best teammates EVER. Its also great when we have a fourth speaker, but whoever he/she is, it doesn't matter much because WE just need to be together for magic and miracles to happen.
One of the best joyful moments in my junior high school life were with you guys.
I can't imagine how next year is going to be.
But lets not think about that yet.
We have one more tournament together.
Let's make it the best =)
Love you guys =')


  1. Fattah, Iman & Kamalia
    The Trinity of Sri Ayesha!
    im pretty sure u guys only got to the finals at the 2nd musleh tho....

  2. untuk yang terakhir nya.allthebest.

  3. affan:
    hahaha, i like the sound of that, The Trinity of Sri Ayesha. Wow, makes us sound like legends or sumthing xD.
    But u guys are like the legends of Al-Amin Gombak!=D

    nope, we made it into the finals of BOTH Musleh =) The first one was awesome xD( but i gotta admit, i think we just got lucky)

  4. asyraf: thanks you =')
    InsyaAllah its not the last xD
    but definitely the last for this year, i think

  5. actually the last with fattah.right?

  6. yup =(
    but there's always a possibility for everything xD



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