Memories at Musleh =')

Before i write about debate and stuff, i just wanna write about the wonderful memories that are non-debate related. Its one of the things i absolutely love about going to debate competitions. The little things that happen.

Had a great time getting to know people better. Supporting everyone else. Everyone wishing me Happy Birthday and Happy Belated Birthday xD.
The time when we were all depressed and all it took to make us all feel better was to be there for each other. You know, just talk. Be random. Go out and eat Nandos xD.
Buy a big lollipop and take random pics with it xD.
Listen to old songs recommended by other people.
Trying to understand why people love korean music xD.
Getting locked out of our rooms and chilling in the hallway therefore blocking the way xD
Eat skittles and drink redbull to get hyper.
Watch random videos on youtube and laugh our heads off.
Trying to be hilarious and sarcastic to turn on our debate mood.
Become self-obsessed and take lots of pics(there were 3 DSLRs)
Meet people who are COMPLETELY random and hilarious xD
I don't know, these are the little things that i'll miss about Musleh.
I'll write about the bigger things(debate) later =)


I had a great time with all the Sri Ayeshan debaters.
The BM team were amazing - Wanie, Anati  & Hariz
Arabic Team, WOW - Raihan, Tasnim & Ahmed
English Team B, proud =') - Hafiz, Rizal & Syed
English Team A, *speechless* - Iman, Fattah & me =)

I haven't gotten more pictures from Raihan, so i'll post more later =)


  1. Salam Kamalia!
    OMG I'm so sorry, was it your birthday?

    Happy Belated Birthday.. May Allah crown you with his blessings insya Allah..

  2. Hmm..... Ppl who are completely random???
    Is that me ur talking about??

  3. Dalila: thanks!!=D

    Affan: Lmao, how did you know!???hahahaha

    Asyraf(haha, i know ur name now!xD): thanks =) and there's a secret??

  4. haha.apa ke kantoi la dengan affan.

    yes it is.shh.haha.



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