Watching Liverpool train: Half of a dream-come-true

On the 14th of July, Liverpool FC came to Malaysia.
Putri and her brother Syamil, Iman  and her brother Uzair and my brother Hariz and I went to the open training after school.
The moment we stepped near Stadium Bukit Jalil, I was TOTALLY amazed by the spirit from the fans.
It felt wonderful and amazing to see almost EVERYONE wearing a Liverpool FC jersey!!
We were wearing 3 matching pairs ourselves, haha. I had to borrow Syamil’s which said TORRES 9 at the back xD.

The moment I saw Ian Rush, I started going hyper. That was before I saw Kenny Dalglish arrive with the team!!! ARGHHHH when I saw Carra!! And Kuyt!! And Carroll!! And most of all, AGGER AND KELLY!!
My two favourite Livepool players(and defenders) were right there in front of me.

It was unbelievable. As I looked through my binoculars to get a close look, I could see them right there, less than 50 metres in front of me. They were just right there!
It felt amazing, and was definitely one of the best moments of my life.
Or wait, was that when they took their shirts off??? Hahaha, just kidding xD.

They started doing some laps, and shot lots of awesome goals! The fans went pretty wild, they even sung the song You’ll Never Walk Alone and did the Mexican wave!haha.
We performed our Maghrib prayers early, so that there’ll be less complications.
Got lost and separated skejap, but afterwards we just ate dinner while cheering for the amazing lads =’)
I was exhausted.
But I’m very, very happy. My dream is to watch a Liverpool match at Anflied one day.
I lived HALF of that dream, because it was a TRAINING and it was not at Anfield.
But that means that the real thing is gonna be WAYYYY more amazing.
I can’t even imagine it xD.
Can’t wait to watch the match. I’ll be watching it on tv, but its okay. Better view xD

We're wearing matching jerseys!!D

Waiting for the players to arrive xD

Putri and i couldn't believe our eyes.

HE IS OFFICIALLY REAL!!! Too bad he's married xD

I saw the Liverpool Legend =')

LOVE THIS GUY. He fully on sang Liverpool's song out loud all alone. WE CLAPPED AND CHEERED FOR HIM!! Then a  random dude started singing "Glory, glory Man Utd" and we were all like SHUT UPPP and DO YOU WANNA DIE!!??Haha.


  1. haha, WOW! looked like fun!
    i didnt know you actually went there!?



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