a moment to remember.

I am at the park, walking with my friends to get some "fresh air". We're trying to find a nice, shady tree to hang out under it. We walk further away from the crowd of people playing football. Far, far away so that they can't really see us. We find a beautiful, welcoming tree. Without having to say a single word to each other, we decided to sit down under it. Its boiling hot out here. Even though its not exactly like a cool, summer morning in Australia, but it's nice.

My head hurts. My back is aching. I have the flu. I feel weak and stressed out, and i don't even know why. I'm exhausted. I decide to lay down on my back. I look up at the cheerful blue sky and take a deep breath. It's staring back down at the tired, not-so-old me, asking me how i've been doing. I don't know what to say. I put my hand out over my eyes, covering it from the hot, glazing sun. I know it wants my attention too, so i try to be nice by lowering my hand. Then I realize that the bright, green leaves of the tree is waving at the sky. Or are they waving at me? Hard to tell. The cool, friendly wind is helping them move freely within the grasp of the branches. This moment, the moment with the trees waving, the sun trying to grab my attention, the sky asking why i look miserable and the wind making sure i'm warm, is a moment to remember. Because finally, i feel relaxed, safe and secure. Just for a few, precious minutes.

Its like as if the sun is always going to be there to keep me warm and light my way. Like the wind will always be there to keep me warm and chill. Like the sky will always try and put a smile on my face, because it knows how much i love seeing its beautiful, striking colour. And the leaves of the trees will keep waving at me, to not make me feel invisible to the world. I love these kind of feelings. So i take a breath, feeling like i don't have to care about anything in the world. It's a damn amazing feeling.

But precious moments don't last forever, that's why they're precious.
I thank Allah SWT for letting me have that special moment. Alhamdulillah =)

I walk back to school with my friends, appreciating their company and worrying about their insecurities at the same time.

I love my friends. They're very understanding, and seriously, they're freaking hilarious, and i PROMISE you they will NOT fail to make you laugh or smile. They should be on Maharaja Lawak, confirm menang!!Hahahaha.

I pray for beautiful moments like this =')


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