3R at Masjid Besi

Beautiful place.
Last weekend i went to Masjid Besi, Putrajaya for a program with IkramTEENS.
It was better than last year, because this year i actually felt like i achieved something.
Not just something, but a lot actually.

It was the first time i had iftar without my family this year, and it was great!! It took me literally half an hour to finish the food on my plate! The meat was so big, took me 10 mins just to finish it. And Nani and Putri were making jokes and i couldn't stop laughing! Haha.

Praying there just feelings so...calm. Best feeling ever. Especially when its Asar, and you're praying at the end, and wind just hits you gently while you pray. And when you're reading Quran, you're freezing because of the wind, no need for air conditioning xD. That was absolutely beautiful.
And when i did my tarawikh prayer, i could totally pay full attention. I was determined to keep praying and praying and never stop. So for the first time ever, i completed 20 rakaat. Felt so satisfied.

I only did 16 with the Imam, so then when everyone was sleeping i continued the other 4. Then i couldn't find my friends because it was too dark. So i slept alone on the freezing cold tiles.  Alone. But even though i felt so lonely, at the same time it was nice. Because then it was just me and Allah.  I was half frozen when i woke up at 3.30am.  Meh, good experience.

I had an awesome facilitator, Kak Wani. She's awesome, gave me great advice because i was searching for some things to start on my future. She told me her experience and opinions, and it really inspired me. I spent a lot of time with Putri and Nani, they're amazing. Oh, and my best friend too =)

Excited xD

Me and Nanster!

Haha, idk i think we look like uni kids.

My buddies!!We made kad raya for anak yatim =')

Love her smile!!=D

Interviewing people at the bazaar with my sister and Anati xD The guy's a teacher at SAM10.

Hahahaha, i love my expression in this, idk why xD

My group for the program =') They're AWESOME!

Kak Wani!!!She's AWESOME!

I am awesome #swag. I am magnificent. I am superb.

Thanks guys =')

I don't regret going, even though the next day i had trials xD




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