Hijab Tutorial

Hey everyone!
So since a few months ago, someone(or a few people?) on my chatbox wanted me to make a tutorial for wearing loose pashmina(how i always wear my hijab). Well, i told her to go on YouTube, since there are HUNDREDS of tutorials there. But then she still requested that i did one, and now that i think of it its not a bad idea, if she'll feel more encouraged to wear hijab =)
So yeah. Here's a lame tutorial, but the best i could do xD. Sorry to the person who requested it, if it doesn't help much =)
Gentlemen, don't waste your time xD. Unless you've been very, very curious on how we cover our beauty =)
Comment if you want =)

BTW my YouTube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/lilmisshyperbookworm with my team's debates n stuff xD


  1. Pins.... they help...
    im not sure why i watched this.. im not gonna wear it anytime soon.. or am i???? you never know?!

  2. why did u private it



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