Little Brothers

I don't know why suddenly i wanna talk about my little brothers. YES, i said brotherS, with an S.
Meaning i have more than 1 brother. Lets talk about about the hyper, Liverpool fanatic one first.

Mohamad Hariz Haziq

A person who was born when i was 4 years old in the United Kingdom. I remember when he was 3 and was OBSESSED with Spiderman, LOL! He used to wear the spiderman outfit 24/7, and it was adorable. When he was 5 and we were in Australia, he started becoming obsessed with Star Wars. He'd watch it every day and he bought a green lightsaber. It looked fun, so i bought one too(a red one) and we used to have these fake duels and stuff, haha. When he was 6 we were all obsessed with Harry Potter, Narnia and Indiana Jones. Oh, AND football! He finally got his PS2 and we used to play Crash Bandicoot and MarioCart and stuff. It was really fun. He was a great athlete too. I remember training him on the school field, how to run faster than me. Until today, he still cannot beat me. He started to join the soccer club, and he was one of the best players on his team. Maybe even the best. He's a great little kid. Maybe he's not so little now, i believe he's 11 this year? Wow, they grow up so fast. I spent  my childhood with this kid, he's amazing. I spent it with my sister too, but i'll write a post about her later, maybe on her upcoming birthday.

So, who's my second little bro?
The cat who came to us. The cat who chose us to be his owners. He came to us on the 7th of May. He was so small, a cat from Thailand. Haha not really, but he's a siamese cat. He's kind of blurred, like me!Haha. At the end of November last year, he got 2 little brothers when we decided to take care of Max and Stevie. Unfortunately they only got to live with us for 2 months because they got sick. Bubba got sick after that too. He was sick for a while. I  remember carrying the responsibility to give him his medications when my dad went to Switzerland for 2 weeks. It was sad. He was losing a lot of weight. And he was FAT before that. The vet said he was going to die soon. He had the cat disease for leukemia or something. Poor Bubba. My dad loves him very much, he even remembered Bubba before his biological kids when he was in Mecca! Haha.But i understand why. Sweet, adorable Bubba. How can anyone not love you?
Alhamdulillah, until now, you seem healthy and happy. And you're getting fatter again, i'm so proud! I love you Bubba, you're an amazing brother too =)


  1. Your furry brothers expression is priceless.

  2. Aaaaah, Crash Bandicoot. Boy I loved that game !

  3. anonymous: i know =') thts why i love him <3 xD

    alyssa: OMG ME TOO!! it was so addictive!! xD



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