August, another amazing month full of knowledge.
I have to admit, this month i've gotten closer and closer to Islam and how amazing it is.
So what have i learnt this month?

Strength. Not mine, but other people's.

People say that life after high school is hard. When you're finally out there in the world all by yourself, life's very different. You go through a lot of challenges, and sometimes you struggle to keep a balance in your life. That's what people say anyway.

This month, i met a lot of new people. Most of them are those who are in universities and stuff.
And they seem alright. Even though i know they must struggle somehow in their life, but they seem like they're strong enough to cope with it. And what do all of these people have in common?

From what i've noticed, they always, always stay true to Islam.
Maybe i'm wrong, but i'm positive that that's why they're still strong.
Knowing that God is always with them, that every struggle and challenge is a test from Him, because He loves them. Never giving up in trying to please Him.

I respect these people. And now that i've noticed this from these new, wonderful people i met, i noticed that its not just them. Its everyone who sticks with Islam. When i look at the people i've known for a while, i realize that they've never left Islam either, and they're still unbelievably strong.

That's very inspiring. Very, very inspiring. I wanna be strong too. I know that my life will be out of my comfort zone soon, so i really, desperately need the strength to face it. And i now know where to get that strength from.

Islam. Islam is beautiful.
You'll Never Walk Alone. Allah is always with you. Islam is always with you.
Don't leave them =')

May Allah bless you all.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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