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Some people tend to change who they are, just so that they can fit in with society. I don't get why some people have to do that. I mean, don't get me wrong. If they're changing themselves for the better, then i don't give a chocolate fudge, i say good for you, mate! But then i'm talking about people who probably don't realize that they're slowly adapting to the environment that is obviously different then what they're used to. In other words, letting themselves get influenced with things that just freaking pisses me off. Why is this bad?
Because its not you. Why should you be YOU? Well, put it this way. You wanna be blended in and be the same with everyone else(and annoying) or you wanna be different and yourself? 
Even if you wanted to shine for the attention, which one is better anyway?
Let me just assume you chose the second one xD.
GOOD. You shouldn't change for other people, or just to be accepted.
If people around you smoke, are you going to smoke as well?
Why don't you be the one who's true to yourself, have your own stand and principles, so that you actually gain something just by being yourself?
Because everyone is unique and different and have a lot to offer to the world, even you. You don't need to become like others. Maybe you THINK you're being different from them, but i'm so sorry to say that you're exactly the same, sweetie. Only a hundred times more annoying because you're not being originally you. Do you think people are actually pleased with that? Please think again.

And you(those who aren't staying true to yourselves)? I know you're different. I know you have something incredible deep inside of you that you're not letting out. I don't know if its because you're too afraid that people won't accept you for who you are, or whatever. But just think for a moment, how changing your style, your attitude and your behavior is actually giving you any benefit at all. Who cares if other people are doing it first? It doesn't mean that its something good and to be proud of, maybe they're the ones making mistakes. But that doesn't mean that you have to follow them. It definitely does NOT mean its cool.
Have your own principles.
What does that mean? I mean, you should have your own sets of rules in your life, to make sure that you don't accidentally go on the wrong path or fall into any traps. By having principals in your life, you can be true to who you are. As long as you don't break or contradict your principals of course.
I really, really admire those who stay true to themselves. I don't know, to me they're very unique and special. Because they're careful. And they care about their image.
If you see your friends or anyone do something that's against your principals, then don't join them. It shows how wise you are to stay true to yourself. You know something's wrong, so don't do it. And please, take full responsibility if you DO get influenced by your friends. Don't blame them for influencing you, blame yourself for putting yourself in a position to get influenced.

But everyone can start over. If you did mistakes, learn from it. PLEASE don't keep on repeating it. It gets very, very annoying and people just start to lose their respect for you. Try and not lose that respect in the first place if you want everyone to accept you for who you are.

I'm sorry everyone, i just really, REALLY need to express this to SOME specific people, because i noticed how different they are now compared to the person they were the first time i met them. Had so much respect, mann. They're wonderful people, to be honest. Just gotta be a little stronger with their principles.
And also, i've even noticed from our community today. How the teens these days do stupid things because it seems 'cool' and 'in trend'. No, mann. That's so lame.

Sorry kalau ade orang terasa, i just want us all to be wonderful people by staying true to ourselves =)

Peace be upon you all! =')



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