Random Facts About Me #1

I just realized that i don't talk about myself much in my blog xD. Since i really wanna find out more about myself( the things that i don't mind you guys knowing xD), i'll post some random facts about myself that i've recently discovered or never realized about. And maybe you can get to know me better too =)

So here's fact #1

What can i say? i'm a very, very blurred person!!Haha, i discovered this after i came back from Australia. It was SO easy for my friends to trick me or play a prank on me. Iman made me believe that if my hand was bigger than my face, it means i have cancer. NOT FUNNY! Lol actually it is, coz i kinda believed her for 2 seconds before realizing that it was a joke xD. Or sometimes when someone's telling a joke, i'm the ONLY one not laughing coz i don't understand!! After really, really thinking about it, i proudly laugh and everyone gets so annoyed xD.

Anyone here does that too? xD


  1. I've noticed that! haha its really funny when it does happen!
    hmm, SOMETIMES I am with my brothers..we make insanely weird but funny jokes with each other.. but I'm smart enough to get the jokes of other people.. XP

  2. hahahaha, i bet u guys must be hilarious then xD



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2017 Reading Challenge
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