Visitors =)

They forgot Denmark =/
Okay, so once in a while, i'd check my blog stats.
Guess what i just realized? My blog has been viewed in 10 11 different countries! Like WHOAA!

Malaysia: 1,865. Okay, that makes perfect sense since i live there.

Australia: 380. Makes sense also, since i've got friends there because i've lived there before.

United States: 101. What the heck? I don't know ANYONE from the US, so i find this really AWESOME!=D
Belarus: 54. No offence to the people in Belarus, but i have no idea where that is. And my blog has traveled there 54 times. You guys rock!

Russia: 21. Cool!

Jordan: 18. Maybe from Kak Nafeesa?

Indonesia:. 17. I'm not really sure, we're kinda neighbours so yeah.

Brazil, Germany, Canada. Wow!

Denmark: Yayy!

For some reason, Blogspot didn't include Denmark, and i know for a fact that a wonderful person from Denmark visits my blog =) *Thanks MissH*

Hahaha, i know you guys probably have wayyyyy more views, but idk, this got me hyper!hahaha.

Thanks so much for visiting peeps =)
I know my blog probably sucks, but oh well, that's just how i blog =D



  1. You're famous at Belarus , Kamalia xD

  2. Hahahaha, apparently i am xD

    I love Belarus rite now =D

  3. Hey hey!! Thats weird :P
    Im also a follower and i'm from DENMARK :D
    Sooooo actually you have followers from 11 different countries :P

  4. Oh yeah, that IS weird! wonder why Blogger didn't put that in =/
    If they won't, i will =) *edit post,lol*



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2017 Reading Challenge
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