Born To Be Somebody =)

Lol i know, i've been blogging an awful lot lately. But this is the only place where i wanna express myself.=)

I can't stop listening to Justin Bieber's new song, Born To Be Somebody.
Its not because i'm obsessed with him or anything, okay? I just really think he has great songs.
Its a very inspiring song that can make me smile and have hope.

So i was thinking, what the heck do i wanna be when i grow up??
For 2 years, i've been saying that i want to be a psychologist. Is that really true? I don't know.
I really really really really really really don't know what i wanna be.
My friends all know what their dreams are. They wanna be a marine biologist, specialist doctor, author, psychiatrist, businesswoman and many other things. 
I wanna be something that can help other people too. Someone who can inspire others in a good way.
Can becoming a psychologist help me do that? I hope so. Is it what i was born to be as? Only Allah SWT knows.
I really can't wait for the moment in life where i'll realize who i was born to be. Everyone has a purpose in this life. I wanna smile and be thankful the moment i realize what MY purpose is.

I was born to be somebody. And so were you.

Just believe. As Iman says, You Gotta Believe To Achieve. I believe.

Also, Salam Maulidur Rasul to everyone =). Lets take a moment to remember all of the things that our Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) has sacrificed for us, and lets be one of the people that will be able to meet him, insyaAllah. 


  1. Arent u already somebody? And whats the point of waiting when you can be somebody NOW?

  2. Nahh, i don't think i'm 'somebody' yet. i mean, to me 'somebody' is someone who makes a difference in the world, even small differences. i don't think i make much difference to the world, so therefore no, i don't think i'm a 'somebody' quite yet.=)

    I really am trying to be 'somebody' right now, i just haven't gotten up to the point where i'm satisfied with who i am right now. still trying to improve =)

    i'm sorry, i don't really know what i'm talking about = = xD



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