Bye February, Hello March.

Heyya everyone. Whooo, finally the end of February, eh? I can't believe how fast 2 months can go by. I can still remember counting down for 2011. And now, i just realized that this post will be my 22nd post for this month. That's a record, usually i only post less than 10 per month.
I guess blogger's getting more addictive xD.
Oh well, at least i can express myself somewhere.

So, what's been happening lately? Nothing much actually. Last weekend, we had Family Day. It wasn't very lively, but i had loads of fun taking pics and eating stuff xD. Then i followed Putri, Iman and Fareeha to Melaka(Putri's kampung), and met up with Hani and Kak Su, they're so awesome!Took a lot of pictures, but i'll let them put it in their own blogs/profiles.(Crap, i gotta transfer it to them first xD)

I came back yesterday, and last night Liverpool played against West Ham. 
To be honest, i was quite confident at first that we could totally trash them. But unexpected things always happen, and i just had to be there to watch Kelly pull a hamstring and get sent off =(
Poor Kelly! Because Agger didn't play, he was kinda the only player i focused on xD. Oh, Stevie Gee too. 
Crap, now the good players are all injured. Gerrard just recovered, Meireles, Agger, Kelly and other peeps are injured.
So how are we gonna win against Man United next week?
I do hope Kenny will come up with an awesome strategy. Its okay, i trust Kenny, he's such a legend.
Me and Putri CANNOT live a day together without mentioning LFC or YNWA. LOL.
I had a nice chat to some of my juniors about football, its awesome that i can actually understand what they're talking about. But they support Chelsea, boo. xD

Credits to Iman, luv this pic xD

There's been a lot of drama lately, and i gotta be honest, its just hard to ignore it. But now i am just SO SICK and TIRED of it all, just feel like saying "get the fudge out of my life!". I hate it when people only listen to one side of a story, then assume that everything is right. That's like only listening to the Government side of a debate, without even caring what the Opposition has to say. How freaking fair is that? What a biast judge.

But what keeps me going are my awesome friends. Not just PinNK, but everyone else who never stops supporting me, even if all they are doing is watch me be a random freak in their life xD. But that's okay, i've learnt to accept that not everyone likes me, but because i just wanna be who i am, i don't have to care =)

Tomorrow, i'm gonna pinch ppl and say "Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month. LOCKED" LOL. Sorry for the unlucky peeps who get pinched ;)
Bye February. Hey March.



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