Keep them in your prayers =)

I think i've already made myself clear that Tumblr is very addictive, rite?
That i always reblog football, Harry Potter and random stuff (randomnessofrandom.tumblr?lol)
But that's not all that Tumblr lets me do, actually.
To be honest, I'm the laziest person on Earth to keep up with recent issues about what's happening in the world.
But guess who updated me first about the protests in Libya? Tumblr.
Believe it or not, Tumblr's actually a pretty thoughtful website. Or the bloggers on it are, anyway.
Its a pretty awesome way for people like me to get updated with stuff. That's how i knew about the earthquake at Christchurch, NZ too.

Anyway, about the protests. It makes me sad knowing that innocent people are being killed everyday.
I mean, all they want is political freedom and the right to a democracy like they should have.
Some people are just so selfish, they only care about themselves. = =

And right now, even in Malaysia, some people don't even appreciate the freedom that we have, comparing to the Middle-East countries. Like Fareeha's motivation during morning briefing, some people don't even respect something simple like our national anthem. We should be very thankful for all the sacrifices from our ancestors, and try to do something useful and beneficial for our country. For example? Get good grades in our studies, so that we can develop our country in the future. We ARE the future generation, after all.
I wanna be one of those people that will make our ancestors proud that they sacrificed their lives for us, because it wouldn't have been a waste of their lives.

So peeps, lets keep the Libyans and other innocent Muslims in our prayers, so that they can get the freedom that everyone deserves. Always be thankful to Allah of everything that you have, because others may not have them. 

By the way, i really like the picture. Even Voldemort didn't kill 1,200 people in one night. I never knew someone could be crueler than Voldemort. Pfftt, people and power these days. Only ALLAH s.w.t. owns the universe and all that's in it, even us. People shouldn't take advantage of the 'power' that they have, because in the end, power will be the last thing you'll care about.

Yeah, this is probably a boring post. But PLEASE spread awareness about this, so that we can have more people praying for our brothers and sisters =)



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