UiTM Debate 2011

So maybe some people have wondered where i've been these past few days? I know, i haven't been online for more than 72 hours, which is VERY weird and unusual of me.

I went to UiTM Shah Alam with Iman, Fattah, Syed and Teacher An-Nur.
It was pretty nerve-racking at first, because we went to a National Novice Championship, which included high school students AND university peeps("novice")! 
We had 5 preliminary rounds, and won 4 of them.
The first 4 rounds were against university students from HELP, IIU and stuff(can't remember the rest). It was pretty fun actually, coz they were so fierce during the debates, but so friendly afterwards! LOL, they thought i was 20 and  was the oldest among the 3. Nice, do i really look that old?  i'm not even 15 yet. So whenever we tell them how old we are, they'd go "WHOAA, UR ONLY 15??" LOL. A lot of them said we'll be great debaters, since we still got 2 years of high school left. 

But i don't know, debating without Iman and Fattah will be one of the hardest challenges ever, because they both are pretty much EVERYTHING from my debate career. Without them, i'd be worse than what i am now. We'd probably never have won and defended the championship at Musleh.

Anyway, the 5th round was a very interesting one. Guess who we versed? SMI Hidayah! When i saw the team match-ups, i fully on went "NOOOO!!!!" in my head. Even though we beat them both times at Musleh, but i still think that they are VERY good and their level is way above ours. I really respect their team and efforts. In fact, they were one of the top teams for the first 4 rounds, whilst we were further back.
It was a really interesting/awkward motion too. THW allow Muslims in Malaysia to convert out of their religeon (something like that). It was really weird. When the motion came out, many people cheered. I'm pretty sure those people were Muslims themselves. Shame, man. I was so embarrassed for them. We chose that motion because the other ones were pretty hard. It was a silent round, and we only found out we won when they announced it the next day.

Octo-Finals. We. Made. It. Into. The. Octo.Finals.
Wow. That is pretty awesome. We've never broken into the Octos before(exp Musleh), so this was a great achievement. It would've been awesomer if we had won and gone through the Quarter Finals, but i'm still very proud that we even made it past the preliminary rounds. Gives us hope for UIA xD.

Overall, i had an awesome journey during the tournament. Although, i gotta admit that i really, really sucked. My clarity was so crappy, and at one point i was better at being opposition than government. I panicked during my speech in the octo-finals, which made me feel really guilty. Fattah and Iman were awesome. Oh yeah, Syed didn't debate with us, we went as an adjudicator. Seemed like he had fun too.

Actually, i recorded some of our debates, but i can't find the freaking cable for my video camera! So until then, this post will be one without pictures or videos. Boring, i know. We didn't have the time to take pictures. Even if we did, we couldn't be bothered anyway xD.
Next up, UIA!

Gotta train super hard now. I believe we can do it =)


  1. ohh.SMIH macam mana?diorang pergi sampai mana?ke senasib korang?hee.

  2. they only made it past preliminary round, if they beat us in round 5, dah boleh masuk octos dah.
    so technically, we beat them xD.
    tapi ktorg kalah jugak akhirnye xD

    gonnna meet at UIA and MUSLEH next =D



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