Usually i'm just cheerful, talkative and hyper, but I don't know, lately i've been kinda quiet among my family. Just been downloading and putting random songs into my iPod. Usually my taste of music would be those SLOW, meaningful ones. Suddenly, i've grown to like FASTER and kinda pop rock-ish songs. Weird. Been listening to Fall Out Boy lately. And Christina Aguilera too, OMG, love her voice. Usually i'd just sit somewhere and just listen to my iPod till i fall asleep. YEP, hardly did any homework. I feel guilty, but i'm just never in the mood these days.
Oh yeah, there was this one song, i forgot what its called, it reminded me a LOT of Fernando Torres leaving Liverpool. Its like saying he'll never forget all the memories and good times he had there. I'll try and figure out the title sometime. And also, there was a song by Christina Aguilera that's about friendship, and it reminded me of PinNK and Mash. Down To Earth(acoustic version) by Justin Bieber is just so WOW, coz he sang it so passionately. Reminded me of PooTigger, coz she likes that song too =) And Grayson Chance's "Waiting Outside The Lines" is just so inspiring! I love the part where he sang " ...I'm here to help you notice the rainbow.." xD Oh yeah, i also finished Fareeha's book, My Best Friend Lola. I think she's a pretty good author, with a bit of polishing she'd be awesome. She's got a lot of potential, i hope she writes more! Been spending time with my phone too, texting. Sometimes its fun, but i get bored of it so easily. Sometimes, when there's nothing to talk about, i just think its a waste of time to keep texting and just asking each other "hey, what are you doing?" every 5 minutes. Then when you don't reply, they think you're pissed at them. What the heck? i got a life too. I'm sorry i'm so boring. I just discovered that i probably have this thing called TMJ Syndrome like my dad does. Its where I get pain from my jaw joint and it keeps on making clicking sounds when i open my mouth for more than 3 fingers wide. YES, it hurts. I gotta do these mouth exercises unless i want it to get worse and my face to get crooked. Okay, and i've been kinda down because Liverpool will verse Chelsea tomorrow at midnight. I want Fernando to do well, but i desperately hope that Liverpool will win. Suarez was freaking awesome against Stoke 2 days ago. He scored in his first 15 minutes playing for the English Premier League! Meireles is doing so good, too. I hope StevieGee and them will score tomorrow. Can't wait to see Kelly and Agger too xD.

Haha, i know. What's with the sudden long paragraph instead of shorter, neater and more organized paragraphs? Like i said, i've been going through different emotions, and for some reason, my brain wants my post to be like this this time xD.


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