Just an average day. Not.

Today was a very weird day actually, despite the title of the post. There was an unusual incident between the girls, and lots of drama happened as well. Well actually, it wasn't much drama at all, but with people's exaggeration and mean thoughts, it seemed like World War III just started.

That's just it with girls. We tend to manipulate things just to get things the way we wanna see it. Even the most innocent-looking girl can successfully do it. That's just how we awesome girls are. Lol, i hate to admit that because i'm a girl, but that's just a true fact. I don't deny that girls love to gossip.
But then i discovered something today.

Gossiping is a waste of our effing time.

I mean, what's the point of gossiping about something that just pisses you off, when you can do something that just makes you smile instead? Why waste our time on something that we don't even give a damn about(which is why we're gossiping about it), when we can focus on stuff that actually matters to us?
So yeah, i admit.

Hating you and backstabbing you made me feel better because you totally piss the effing shuckles out of me. And that rarely happens.

But i realized that you're totally not worth ANY of my time, if i'm just gonna talk bad about you.

I'm sorry, but i'd rather live my life with the people that i love than do something that's sinful, useless and stupid.

So yeah people. Yesterday, i developed the habit of gossiping. It kinda comes naturally around girls, if you let it.
But today, i'm ditching that awful, mean habit.
Pffttt, just wasting my time.

Crap, i can't believe the devil managed to manipulate me this long. Eff you devil! I'm taking over now, thanks!

I'm not saying its gonna be as easy as one, two three to stop such a habit.
But i'm saying that if WE really have determination to stop doing something bad, then insyaAllah, we can.
So guys(i mean girls), lets not waste our time on gossiping anymore. Seriously, if you think about all the time that we used in our lives for gossiping, maybe we could've finished watching 50 movies or even 50  books.(Exaggerate much? lol)

So whenever someone starts a topic to gossip on, i'll just say
"Pffftt, whatever. Not worth my time. I'd rather describe how amazing Fernando Torres is,".

All i'm scared about is whether i'll realize the difference between "complain", "discuss", "gossip" and "backstabbing". Wow, ain't it fun to be someone who's blurred 40% of the time?

I cried yesterday. But i'm thankful for the people who cheered me up. Thanks guys. By just being there, it means a lot. Here's some pictures my friends and i took at school today. Unfortunately, didn't get to pose with the Form 5's-Mash,Wanie & Amal-, which is a shame because they are one of the awesomest people of their age i've ever met =)

OMG, i'm so proud of this shot, she looks beautiful.

SO CUTE, POO TIGGER!IDK why the heck you think ur ugly, ur gorgeous  = =

I made this for her birthday xD. And that was just the front cover xD

Nessie and Iman. *OMG THEY LOOK SO PRETTY*

LOL, here are the PIOs(guys). Why are they so gangster-wannabe- looking?LOL jk.

Me and Nanie! She is so cute and awesome!=D

Lol, so cute!!-both of them

I'd like to end this post with something that makes me smile =)
You'll Never Walk Alone.


  1. well said there, malie.
    growing up is much more exciting by being a street savvy rather than being a frog under the coconut shell. lol



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2017 Reading Challenge
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