People Who Think They Are Photographers

LOL, THIS IS SO TRUE. I'm not sure if i'm proud or embarrassed to say i am part of that huge angle of purple.
Teenagers with a Nikon.

Actually, i don't really think i'm a photographer. Wait, scratch that. I'm NOT a photographer.
I just love taking pictures, that's all. And i just happen to have a Nikon D90.
I really love taking pictures, partly because it creates memories that you can keep and look back at, and because it makes you feel good(only self-obsessed people will understand xD)
Plus, pro cameras take really clear and nice pictures. I tried to use a digital Nikon a few days ago, and it felt really weird.
I love my Nikon, and hope that i'll be able to take awesome pics =)

P.s. Actually its not really MY Nikon, its my family's, but they always insist that i take care of it. Yay!?


  1. ohh.mana tahu ni permulaan untuk lebih serious?hee.



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