Shopaholic xD

Today, Putri, Iman and I went to Masjid India with Putri's mom and Putri's mom's friend.
I'm not exaggerating, its one of the MOST SATISFYING shopping days of my life!(I know, that's kinda sad xD)
Know why? because it was the first time i shopped using my own money without having any regrets about it.
Meaning, i reckon it was worth spending my own money, because not only were the stuff cheap, but they are very useful and pretty as well.
Yep, we went shopping for shawls and pashminas xD.
I bought 9 shawls and 1 pashmina altogether. IDK why, but i love pashminas! I think they suit me better than other types of hijab. Putri gave me 2 of her old ones that she doesn't want anymore, so THANKS PooTigger!
I only brought RM50, and got to buy 10 beautiful selendangs. That's pretty awesome, because they're not that cheap, unless you know where to find the nice and cheaper ones.
At first i bought 3 for RM30, then had RM20 left. We entered this amazing store where they sold a shawl for RM2 EACH! How freaking cheap is that?! I bought 7. Maybe the quality isn't as good, but they are still wonderful enough to wear stylishly. Iman and Putri's are so pretty! They're gonna look so hot wearing theirs.
It was nice shopping with my friends, because i don't go out shopping much, since my mum's not a big fan.
Oh yeah, and i just realized that EVERYONE is a shopaholic. I mean, everyone must always wanna buy SOMETHING, right?Yep, even boys. I know you guys like sports stuff, or games or sneakers or books and stuff. Girls, well, i don't need to point them out, there's far too many xD. Me? its hard to resist when you have the money. But i'm learning to control it =) 

Hehe, i already tried one on xD



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