Universal Studios Singapore

On Monday the 31st of January, my family, relatives and i went to Universal Studios, Singapore! I went there 2 months ago actually, with Putri, Iman, Uzair and Syamil. So its pretty awesome that i went with my family this time. I acted like the tour guide cuz i already knew the place, hahaha.
We arrived early, so the adults(21 above) went to check out the casino. So lucky! They didn't play or gamble, of course. They just went to watch people play and get free drinks. Wish i was 21 ! LOL.

So then USS opened and i'm like AHHHHH! Took lots of pictures with cool characters!
Basically it was like dejavu, i did everything again but with my family this time. But the bummer about it this time was that it rained for 2/3 of the day. =( AND the 2 big rollercoasters haven't opened yet!!NO!!! i couldn't go on it last time either.

Yeah, i'm too lazy to post EVERYTHING i did there, so let the pictures tell you the story =)
 As usual, gotta click on the pictures to see a nice, clear one. =)

Marilyn Monroe. i feel ugly around her.

New York!

Shrek n Fiona xD

Stoner Egyptian dudes

Just getting comfy..


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