Inspiration xD

Many people get inspired by many different things or people.
Basically, its like getting confidence and encouragement that you CAN achieve success.
Right now, i need my inspirations to keep me going in life, so that i can go through its challenges patiently.
I just wanna write a bit about my inspirations in life =)

Well first, our Prophet Rasulullah(pbuh) is one true inspiration. Hearing stories about his journey and sacrifices for Islam makes me want to cry. Of course, i want to meet him in heaven one day. So i will try and follow his teachings in order to get there =).

Second, my parents. They were such successful students when they were my age. They are both ex-MRSM students! WOW. That's PARTLY why i'm targetting MRSM after PMR. I wanna  be like my parents, when they made their parents proud. I wanna achieve their great grades too. They inspire me to keep trying and never give up on what you do. As long as you have determination, you CAN succeed. Well, as they say, "Determination is the key to success".

Third, my teachers. All they want is for their students to succeed. They'd pray for our success, have to put up with our behavior and attitude and yet, when we haven't succeeded, they STILL don't give up in helping us. I truly respect teachers, because of their patience, knowledge and determination to educate the next generation. 

Fourth, to all my wonderful friends, especially Mash and PinNK. Wow. All of them are different in their own way. They are the ones who bring fun and laughter in my life. They are the colours of my rainbow! They inspire me to just be myself, not who others want me to be. Sure, we have our ups and downs, but that's why we are wonderful friends, because we always learn from each other and never stop supporting one another. 

Fifth, Torres. I REALLY don't know how to explain this one. All i can say is that sometimes when i need confidence so badly(like in debate), i'd just look at his name, picture or just think about him and confidence will come. He inspires me that i CAN do what i want, just like him when he first started to play football. He couldn't even afford to buy himself a ball when he was young, and look at him now =)

Sixth, Harry Potter. Six years ago, i was inspired by a character named Harry Potter. Well, technically, i'm inspired by JK Rowling's work. I absolutely love the books she wrote. The values are really amazing. I'm especially inspired by Hermione Granger, because she showed that "books and cleverness" CAN help save the world. I really admire Harry, Hermione and Ron's friendship. They were always brave and courageous. I'm very proud to be part of the Harry Potter generation =)

7th, anyone who reads my blog, then leaves a wonderful comment. You guys inspire me to keep blogging and express my feelings. Even though maybe u don't even read some of my posts(because they are super long, like this one?), but its still nice to know that people do care, even if they only care for the slightest bit.

Yeah, no one likes super long posts, not even me. I just enjoy writing them =D

But i do have this one big determination to BE an inspiration to others. I'm not sure how i'm going to do that yet, but InsyaAllah, i'll think of something. 
So, what are YOUR inspirations? =D



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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