Aussie adventures #1

I wrote this a few months ago because i was bored and was in memory lane for a while.
Its pretty stupid, but feel free to read it if you're completely bored.

My adventure in Australia- from the start.

Wow. Unbelievable. I'm actually here. Thousands of miles and eight hours away by plane from my home, family and life. It was time for me to start a new one.
My family and i didn't move to the foreign country of Australia for nothing. My dad was gonna go further on with his studies, so it was either we went overseas with him or be apart for four years. So here i am at the Sydney Airport. Like most people, i thought that Sydney was the capital city of Australia, so i was assuming that our new home wouldn't be that far away from the airport. My dad told me we'd be living in the capital city, which i figured out was NOT Sydney. According to the map of the world, it was Canberra! Oh well, it wasn't my fault that Sydney was written bigger.
So then we drove for three hours in a pretty nice rental car to the peaceful city of Canberra.

During the ride, i had plenty of time to think about pretty much everything. My past in Malaysia, how naughty i was in Standard 2, how i'll miss the delicious traditional food, how terrible my English was, my ugly haircut from a few weeks ago, how i got this one kid into trouble because he was weird, the time when i cried so hard at a grocery store because my parents wouldn't buy me cat food, how happy i was when my mum bought me my first ever Barbie doll, and loads more random memories. For an eight-year-old girl, i've had a pretty interesting life.
Now i'm gonna spend four years of it with people with really pale skin and speak with a funny accent. Not really sure if i'm scared, excited or angry about it. Sure, i've lived overseas before, but British people speak way differently and plus, i was only four-years-old, so i could hardly remember a thing except for how scared i was of the people in funny suits at Disneyland when we went to Paris.

Finally, i was really relieved to see the the welcoming sign that said 'Welcome to the Australian Capital Territory'. Even though we were already in Canberra, it took us another half an hour to arrive at our suburb. For some reason, Canberra was very different from Sydney. It's not really as crowded with people and cars. Its pretty quiet too. We passed the primary school that we were gonna attend soon(it sent chills up my spine) and arrived at our new home a minute later, because it was so close to the school.
My first thought of our new house was 'cool, i want this room!', but i soon realized that this house was much smaller than the one in Malaysia. Smaller, but still comfortable. I guess that was a good thing, did i mention how freezing cold it was there? And yes, it was summer. I was still getting used to the weather change. Apparently the cold that i was feeling was considered warm there! I just kept close to the heater, just to make sure that i don't freeze to death before i even started school.

First day of school arrived a few weeks later. Apparently the school holidays ended in early February, which gave us a lot of time to adjust to the lifestyle in Australia and register for school. My sister and i were very nervous to meet the Australian kids. Our cousin told us a story where a new kid went to school and someone put a frog in his backpack. That reaally didn't make us feel any better of starting school. As we went through the front office, a teacher called Mrs. Vella led me to my new classroom where i would meet my new teacher and classmates.
As i entered the Year Three class, my heart was beating so fast and my head spun around really quick. I was very nervous. Mrs. Vella brought me to a room where there were two Year Three classes. I sat down on the floor with everyone else, listening to the teachers introducing themselves. I tried to concentrate on what the teachers were saying, not the fact that some people were staring at the New Girl Who Just Walked In. Thankfully, i didn't really suffer in trying to understand what  my teachers were saying. My class teacher introduced herself as Miss Tricia Meier,  as in 'Meier' that rhymes with 'fire'. She had that funny accent i was talking about, but it sounded cool when she said it. She looked much older than the other class teacher, probably in her late fourties. The other class teacher looked twenty-ish, her name was Miss Emily Regan. Both teachers seemed really friendly and outgoing. I was really surprised to go out for P.E. first thing after the introductions. Oh yeah, this tall girl named Stephanie had to show me around the school because i was new. She was really nice, at least at that time she was.
For P.E., we had to run around the oval(field). It seemed so far, i really wasn't used to running at long distances. Sure, i was really fast at sprinting, but running around the oval just made me have a headache. Then we played a game of 'octopus' where you gotta run away from some chosen people and not let them tag you.
First day wasn't so bad. I made some friends. There was this Serbian girl named Tijana(i later found out that its pronounced Ti-ya-na), two girls with short blondish hair(Liz and Courtney), and three funny boys Mick, Nick and Sammy. I thought Sammy was really cool seeing as he would just make random jokes and laugh about it with his friends. Oh yeah, and he's from Ethiopia and he's really, really fast at running. I thought the Courtney girl was a little bit of a show off,  because she kept on bringing this game device thingy called a Tamagotchi to school.

*sorry for the wrong grammar, can't be bothered to check

I'm going to write more soon =)
If you actually read the whole thing, i honestly respect you for bothering to, thank you =)


  1. assalamualaikum,

    i actually bothered reading all of them. and i also though u lived in melbourne! cos im in melbourne right now and it has just been half of my second year. i came in july 2009 to adelaide, but moved to melbourne. i came to australia not for same reason as u did, but because my dad was offered a job by a company there that gave us a five year visa.

    ookay, haha, too much info. anyways, nice blog, really lively and cute :) u could add me on fb too. its 'syifaa razib' btw.

  2. Wow, ur in Aussie rite now? Awesome! i really miss it there xD
    How old are you btw? I was so young when i was there xD

    Awww, i wish i could add u on fb, but unfortunately i deleted my account last year, moved to Twitter xD
    If u got an account, follow, yeah? =D

    Thanks for visiting, i really appreciate it =)
    Peace be upon you



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