Exam results =S

I think i could've done a lot better.

(in order)

Geografi - 100%
Science - 99%
BI - 93%
Pendidikan Islam - 92%
BM - 88%
KH - 88%
Math - 86%
Sejarah - 73%
Arabic - 54%

Seeing as i'm not taking Arabic for PMR, then technically i managed to get 7A's and 1 C only.
My teacher was pretty disappointed with my Sejarah results. It would've been a B for PMR, but for Sri Ayesha its a C. I thought i studied enough. Apparently not.

Damn, I already thought that the papers were hard. And this is only the FIRST term of Form THREE.
Imagine all of the Form 1, 2 & 3 chapters all combined. =S

I was supposed to go to PTC(Parent Teacher Conference) today with my parents to see my class teacher.
But i had to go to HELP debate(i'll write a different post)

If i'm not mistaken, Iman, Putri and I ALL got 86%. That means we're tied for number 1, whooooo!!
But then kalau ikut pointers, Iman la first xD. Me and Putri are still tied for second.
We rock, mann.
I just wanna get 8 A's for PMR though, insyaAllah. =)

Ma!!!I want my Haagen Dazs now!!!=D COOKIES N CREAM PLEASE!xD


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