Being a perfectionist.

Kamalia means perfection. No, i am not perfect.
What does being a "perfectionist" actually mean, anyway?
Pfffft, if so, then i'm definitely NOT a perfectionist.
But is that a bad thing? No way!

Everyone has flaws, even if they're unnoticeable. But that doesn't mean that they're not beautiful in their own way. Having flaws doesn't mean that you can't do certain things. It just means that you're different from other people, and you should be proud of that, because that's who YOU are.

I get it that many people want to change themselves to be someone's "perfect" person. Or they want everyone to think that they're perfect in every way. I'm not saying that's wrong, of course not. If being perfect means that you're not completely changing your identity to be 'flawless', then i say go for it.
But sometimes, people try TOO hard to be perfect, and sometimes they don't realize that they've turned into a whole new different person, just to show everyone that they are who everyone wants to them to be.

No, no, no. Be yourself, not who others want you to be. Everyone has their own special characteristics, and that's what makes everyone different from each other. When you're trying to be someone you're not, just to be 'perfect' and flawless, its like jumping from A to Z, not A to B. 

To me, being YOURSELF is what makes YOU perfect. Because in the end, if someone doesn't love you for the real YOU, then how on Earth are you perfect to them? 
Why be someone you're not, just to be loved?
Being perfect is when everyone accepts you for who you are. 
Being perfect is when everyone accepts you, flaws and all.
To everyone else, you may be imperfect.
But you will find someone who'll think you're the most perfect person, even when you're not trying to be. InsyaAllah.

And that is, if you wanna be perfect in the first place.
Some people are proud of being imperfect. Awesome!
Imagine a world where EVERYONE was perfectly the same. Ughh, wouldn't that be a boring world?
If you desperately want to be accepted and be 'perfect', then you should try to be Perfectly Imperfect.
Being imperfect doesn't mean you're lame or no one will like you, it means YOU accept your flaws and try to live with everything that you have in the best way possible.

Me? My name means perfection, and if someone doesn't think i'm perfect, i could care less. I only care about what Allah SWT thinks, and i want to try and be the second most perfect human who ever lived, next to our Prophet(pbuh). I'm sure many people could tie for 2nd place, because we're all very different from each other. I'm not perfect, i'm trying always trying to be myself. Even when i'm doing something wrong, but i feel very bad inside =S

Perfection = Being Yourself(?)

*sorry for the very debatable post, i know there are lots of contradictions. This is just my point of view xD



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2017 Reading Challenge
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