One day we will be remembered

Teacher Hasni, love her =)

Lol, i honestly spend more time at school than at home. Form 3 Al-Farabi is like my second family, mann.

I've known most of them for 3 years. There's only 15 of us now, so you can imagine how awesome our classes are xD. Lol nahhh, school is still boring, but they make the environment more fun and friendly.

Since Form 1, our batch has always been the one with 'trouble'. But to be honest, we're just trying to live our lives. Lots of teachers complain about us, but that's because we try to stand up for ourselves and each other. Yes, most of us are stubborn at times. But who isn't? Even Teacher Hasni said that she's glad our class is the "hanky-panky" type, and that she's glad to have us as her kids.
Lets face it, Al-Farabi would be BORING and dead if we don't act like ourselves.
I'm usually the more quiet one, but seeing my classmates run around and laugh like mad people make me smile every day. They'd make jokes that are stupid, but for some reason, we just laugh it off.

LOL, its so funny how we never sleep during science class, seeing as we're learning chapter 4. LMAO.
Classes with Teacher Hasni and Sir Azmir is always fun, coz they always tell us stories.
I just realized that since last year, the way to get us Form 3's to listen and be interested is by telling us interesting stories. We're actually pretty awesome, people just need to try and understand us.
To our old classmates from the last 2 years, you guys are awesome too =)

Putri Sabreena
Iman Munirah
Asyraf aka A-Cap.(English pronunciation xD)

Hanis, lol.

Irsyad(idk what he's doing lol)
Syed Kamil. Random lol
A-Cap and Izman. Its a daily activity xD
Intan and Amanina(Telor and Ninerz xD)
Khadijah aka DJ. So rajin, mann!
Self Obsessed peeps of Al-Farabi  xD


You guys are awesome =) I'm gonna cry during graduation.
Lets prove to everyone that we're not just the 'troubled' class.
We CAN get 8-9 A's.
And we will =)

Sri Ayesha's Form 3 batch of 2011 are legends, mann. There will never be any other class like ours.
(and i don't care about what Justin Bieber says about Never Say Never, LOL)

sorry Nabiha, Tasneem and Firdaus and everyone else, i couldn't get a pic of u guys =S.

 "long live all the magic we made"

One day we will be remembered

-Listen to Long Live by Taylor Swift =) -


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