Just Chillin' With My Sis

I got so bored today. Didn't even go jogging like i planned to. Lol, been spending lots of Saturday nights till 3am xD. Gotta stop till it becomes a habit. Anyways, my sis, Shahirah and I took some LOTS of pictures today xD. I was the more self-obsessed one as usual, haha. I rarely chill with my sis, so this was nice.

AND we got awesome sunnies!!I got a black n white one, my sis got green n red.
Didn't do kerja kursus geo, coz i was busy editting my blog. What do u think of it? It was really gay at first, coz there were rainbow cakes as a background(i was feeling hungry). But now i suddenly felt dreamy and chose the Eiffel Tower as a background. I've been there once. Wanna go again!=D

Yeah, there's school tomorrow so i better stop. See ya later peeps, i guess i'll be blogging more, insyaAllah =)


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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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