My Imaginary Friend =)

Right now, i'm reading Cecelia Ahern's "If You Could See Me Now".
Haven't finished it, but its basically about imaginary friends.
Only in the book, you gotta believe in your friend in order to see them.

That reminded me of my imaginary friend, Fred.

When i was in Year 6 in Australia, i decided to choose the topic "My Best Friend" for a rostrum speech competition at my school. I was one of the best speakers from my class, then i ended up being the runner-up when i competed against other classes xD. It was a very wild 3 minute speech =)

We met under a bright and beautiful tree.
I was bored. He said he was 104 years old. But he still looked like a kid to me.
His eyes changes colour depending on his mood. If he's happy, his eye colour would turn to purple.
He has messy hair, with rainbow coloured streaks. During my speech, Fred stood next to me wearing a pink mummy outfit, because he knew that some students were studying about Egypt.
He always made me laugh. He made me believe in myself.

At the end of my speech, i told everyone to say goodbye to Fred. And they did! It was really loud, and Fred was so happy to meet them!

Lately, i don't see much of Fred. He knows that i'm growing up, and i don't need him that much anymore. He still visits me sometimes. Right now he's travelling around the world and tries to make other kids' lives brighter.

I miss you, Fred. You made me have a wonderful childhood, and i'll never forget our memories =)

Do YOU have an imaginary friend? If so, let me know, i can introduce Fred to them!=D


  1. haha, how creative ;)! funny thing is, ur idea of imaginary friends doesnt really scare me like those stereotyped ones. well, i used to have like 3 blogs successively but i deleted them all, yes, you got it, successively. and ive just recently made a new blog, but, eheh, its not ready for public view yet. oh no, i dont go to a public school, i go to minaret college, springvale campus in victoria.



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