Earth Day 2011

Sorry about the really late post about Earth Day, been busy with HELP debate xD.
Anyways, Sri Ayesha had their first celebration for Earth Day that was organized by the SRC.
And i think it went quite well!=D
Since pictures and say more than words, here they are(like 5% of it, n only from my camera so it doesn't have EVERYONE on it, sorry) =)
Form 3's awesome mascot!!We made it together, so proud =')

Iman's the sea!! LOVE her outfit xD

Uzair's awesome shirt

Creative young ones =')

Haha, big eye that's gonna attack Earth xD(i just think its a cool pic)

Creative Form 4's!

This pic went in the New Straits Times!!#PROUD

Haha, we are awesome


Determined students of Sri Ayesha =')


Interviewing an NST journalist xD
I'll post more pics later when i'm not feeling lazy xD.
Remember everyone, keep spreading awareness about saving the Earth!!
We had a parade around the school, and hopefully we made a little difference in the world =)
Remember, God loves us when we try to protect his creation, the planet we live on =)

* Credits to Nani for most of the pics =)


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